Hydrogen - Think again!

We know, you don't think hydrogen as a fuel is real. It's a myth - right?

Well, your wrong.

For those of you that believe hydrogen is unsafe - Read The 20 Myths of Hydrogen .

For those of you that don't believe there are real companies making real products (yes! even automobiles) using hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells. These links are for you:

Now go tell all your friends that hydrogen as an auto fuel is not hype and can very well work.

You know, this reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend in the early 90's. My statement, after melting a CD on my dash, was - "Boy, it sure will be nice when all this music fits on a chip!" His reply was something like this - Ha! Do you know much memory that would take? First, the memory chip would be too big and the cost would kill the deal. (A music CD is 750MB and yesterday I purchased a 2GB flash drive for $1) Not to mention that the MP3 format was invented since then allowing that 750MB music CD to hold 10 to 15 times more music than originally designed.

All it takes is a market! Ask and you shall receive.