- - - Wanted! - - -

There is lots to be done and there are many of us looking for social opportunities to make the world a better place. So let's get started!


Earn $$$ while you dream of cleaner things to come. Clean products representatives wanted: Do you dream of a profitable opportunity representing a product or service that will clean up our planet? If so, we just may be able to connect you with your dream. Just ask!

Fundraise! - This is a big one. Let us show you how clean energy can support your community as well as your favorite cause.


Made in the USA spotters - Become a Made in the USA spotter. We need everyone to look for the MADE IN USA label and then tell us about it so we can tell others. If it's not on this list , and you know about, we want to know.

Writers - Those of you with the passion to spread the word are more than welcome. Email us your ideas and we'll get you published!

Event Coordinators - Are you sociable? Do you want to spread the good word AND have some fun? Are you good at event planning and social networking? Do have ideas for events that might generate interest in your area? Email us. We want to get you started now.

Power Networkers - Do you understand the power of networking to build profitable business relationships? If so, we're creating an entirely new dynamic in B2B and B2C relationships. We're bringing clean renewable energy education and solutions, and the incentives to embrace them, to a new height in B2B and B2C awareness. Contact us about becoming a TsunamiGreen Business Networking leader in your area.

Editors - Every great writer has a similarly great editor. So, you're a decent writer with little time to write for us? That's ok, how about being the first to read new work? (Pointing out a faux pas within an existing post is also well received.) Let us know.

Science buffs - Those with the interest and skill set to dissect an issue and present the simple facts in an effort to change the way we use (and misuse) energy. (Example: How much coal does it take to light a 100 watt bulb? How much coal does it take to bring 1 gallon of water to my home (50 gallons - the average shower, 50 gallons - average washer, xx gallons used to water a lawn.)

Heroes, Heroines, and Cheerleaders - We need at least one good leader in every town across America. Make fun, make it serious - make it serious fun! Remember, the world has enough dome and gloomers and we conversely are all about using the power of freedom and enjoyment to solve the most difficult of problems.

GreenSpotters - Become an active GreenSpotter. We want to know of anything you see fit that should make TsunamiGreen News. New green products, cutting edge services that have gone green, green inventions just about to hit the market, old businesses interested in going green, even uncle Jed's new hydrogen powered tractor - what ever. The point is to spread the "good" word on businesses doing "the right thing".

Travel Planner - Are you skilled at organizing and planning the fine details that make vacationing a hit? How about creating "green" vacations? Vacations that are as fun as they are educationally green.

Other - Do you possess a skill or talent that's not listed? Do you wish to apply it to "green up" our world? Contact us and tell us what you have in mind.