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Business to Business Accelerator

Who it's for - From Culinary to Carpentry, Chiropractics to Cosmetology, Painters to Pet-Sitting, if you are a business owner and you want to capture the fruits of the new clean renewable energy market then you are in the right place. Working together with other businesses in your community we can show you how green tech is opening up new door to local businesses. We'll provide the green tech education and then we'll be the catalyst to get (and keep) your community fired up. To keep the wheels of prosperity rolling we'll help you educate your customers so that you can show them why their conscious involvement will ultimately result in lower energy prices for them and a healthier more prosperous community for everyone. A critical component of this will be our unique consumer incentive motivating your customers to spread your good word.

Why the edge - In some B2B networks you find that some members are there only to boost their own business. However here you will find that businesses run by environmentally conscious individuals tend to be more community minded understanding that only through giving something back will we create reliable repeat business. So, from the basic, to the complex, to the creative, we're certain you will find what you seek to be successful and with the added benifit of being able to say you played a major role in changing your community for the better.

How it works - This is the easy part. You simply join a Tsunami Green Business Networking Group in your area and start attending the meetings. At each meeting you will be exposed to some new information and/or methods of growing your business, but not to stop there, you will also be exposed a small corner of renewable energy world. As a networked group of businesses you will quickly see how educating your consumers on new renewable solutions and spreading the news about Tsunami Green Referral rewards will result in new business for everyone in your network.

Finally, to complete the circle of one-for-all and all-for-one, your business will be made eligible as a participating vendor for customers to spend their Tsunami Green Referral Credits.

See, simple - You join, you network, you learn, you educate, (your customers get points for referring), you get new business - and we're all now responsible for sparking up our local economy.

It's cool, it's fun, it's educational, it's prosperous, and most of all we'll collectively be creating a safe and sustainable environment & economy.

Why this is important now:

  • SMB's make up the lion share of business in America. They are the lifeblood of change and innovation - often being bought by larger corporations where the echo of the phrase "Why didn't we think of that" roams the hallways.
  • Statistics continue to show that 70+% of American's want to play a role in solving our most crucial environmental issues, but they don't know how!
  • The rising cost of energy (imported energy no less) is crippling our economy and our job market.

Create a network - Starting a network means you are the leader. You are the person your group will look towards for advice and direction. You are the person that will receive and review all leads going through your network. And, you will ultimately be the person that will learn the most about the renewable energy and sustainability market. (Create your network here.)

The secret sauce:

Oh yes, there is more, but you'll have to attend a meeting and ask that network leader for the details.